Contest: Who doesn’t like to win prizes by showing their talents for free?

So here we are with a platform like no other, where you can show your talents and who knows if you got lucky you can win exciting prizes.

Contest 2.0 [Currently Live]

Hey there..!!!
We have again come up with another exciting contest 2.0, so those who were unable to participate before, now have a great chance to showcase your writing as well as orating skills. so what are you waiting for…
don’t wait to send your entries, it’s free and you can win exciting prizes.

To participate: Do follow the rules mentioned below-

1. Follow us on our social media pages and subscribe us on YouTube.

2. Share this post on any of your social media accounts and tag us!
3. Record a video of your speech (max. 3-4 minutes) by choosing any one topic out of the 15 choices given below or you can choose your own topic with your introduction’ (Name, Age, City etc.) and to send your entries click the WhatsApp icon below:

WhatsApp at 8299425568

Topics: (Not mandatory you can choose your own)

  1. Do video games prone to violence?
  2. Do exam results alone determine a child’s worth?
  3. What is the best age to own a mobile phone?
  4. Should schools have longer reccess time?
  5. Which is more important knowledge or money?
  6. More reliable source of information internet or books?
  7. Should cash be dicontinued?
  8. Is it possible to live without internet?
  9. Who are better cooks men or women?
  10. Whose face should be there on the new currency printed by the Govt.?
  11. Do robots reduce/increase human employment?
  12. Overall, has technology helped people to connect or has it isolated them
  13. Which came first chicken or egg?
  14. Why lying well can be helpful?
  15. Being a child is not an easy task.

!!! ALL THE BEST !!!

Contest 1.0

Our previous winners:

Name- Aradhya Trivedi, Kanpur, U.P

Name- Jiya Patel, Sagar, M.P

Name- Jayana Pal, Indore, M.P

Name- Mannat Pankul Arneja, Ghaziabad, U.P

Name- Aman Kumar, Delhi

Name- Vishakha Tyagi, Delhi

Name- Deepjyoti Bajpeyi, Firozabad, U.P

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